Tony Khan Post-AEW Dynamite Media Scrum (10/2/2019)

Tony Khan Talks Possibly Stripping Thunder Rosa Of The AEW Women’s World Title

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan appeared on Barstool’s Rasslin’ show to talk about a number of topics such as how AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa has been out of in-ring action for several months now, but he wanted to give Rosa every opportunity to come back and defend her championship, though he would eventually have to see what is needed to be done in the long run as Toni Storm has been a great Interim AEW Women’s World Champion and she has had great matches on TV almost every week.

Tony Khan said:

“The champion, Thunder Rosa, has been out injured so we’ll see. I’ve wanted to give Thunder Rosa every opportunity to come back and defend the championship.” “She’s been out a while, so we’ll have to see. It’s a difficult choice but I do think the interim champion’s been out there and the interim champion is Toni Storm, who is one of the biggest free agent signings we’ve ever had.” “Toni Storm comes in and she’s gone out every week and had great matches almost every week on TV.”

Tony Khan also talked about the upcoming match between Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter and how it will be great to have a match such as this.

Tony Khan said:

“You have this huge free agent, this big star Toni Storm, who came in with a great reputation and a lot of TV experience and millions of people knew who she was when she arrived vs. Jamie Hayter, who’s really risen to worldwide prominence on AEW television. They’ve both become really key figures in AEW and it’s going to be great to have this match, the Interim Women’s World Championship but certainly whoever wins it will truly be a world champion.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s full comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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