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Tony Khan Very Interested In Adding Another Hour Of AEW Programming Each Week

— AEW CEO Tony Khan spoke to CBS Sports and discussed the possible expansion of AEW programming from five hours to six. Currently, AEW airs Dynamite for two hours, Collision for another two and Rampage for one but Khan seems to be very interested in adding another hour to Dynamite or perhaps permanently airing Collision and Rampage together in a single block. In recent weeks due to the NBA playoffs, AEW has run three-hour blocks with Collision and Rampage and Khan noted that it allows him more flexibility to tell stories while involving more wrestlers into those stories.

“I love being able to do more follow-up with things that happened earlier in the night with more time. Being able to cover more wrestlers and tell more stories, utilize more of the roster. I think it gives more opportunities when we have that three-hour block. I want to do at least five now. I’ve tasted blood and want more so I could easily be sold on doing more than five hours of programming…”

— The article added that Khan is “very open” to doing these three-hour blocks and he stated that there is a “good chance” that his audience will see more content with a three-hour Dynamite a distinct possibility. However, Khan feels like while it would be a lucrative opportunity to have a longer show (more time means more ad opportunities) there are other factors at play, making an indirect reference to WWE Raw expanding to three hours from two and how the show often times ends up lagging towards the end.

“You want to keep Dynamite as strong as possible. You look at the history of what happened with the two-hour wrestling show when that show was expanded to three hours. It’s interesting right now per hour the most we get per hour for any of our TV shows is Dynamite. Either way, five-hour weekly programming is the absolute minimum. So in some ways, you would say, ‘That would be a very lucrative opportunity.’ I think it’s a very interesting conversation to have about how many nights a week you allocate to programming. Is five hours the best? Should we do six?”

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