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Top WWE Star Says He’s Glad Vince McMahon Is Gone From WWE; Details Personal Interaction With Him

— Randy Orton spoke to SportsKeeda’s Bill Apter last month and one of the veteran wrestler opened up about the differences in WWE with Vince McMahon no longer around and Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Nick Khan instead running the show. Orton didn’t have anything terrible to say about Vince but said he was glad that he was no longer around as the new TKO/WWE leadership team values its wrestlers and understands they are humans with lives:

“Off the top of my head – and like listen, I love Vince, he gave me so many opportunities. But I think it was kind of time for him to move on. It’s unfortunate that it happened in the way that it happened. But it’s nice having people in charge of me that…understand how important it is for you to be home for birthdays and home for Thanksgiving and home for Christmas.”

“Vince McMahon, had us…he had Raw on Monday night live. He doesn’t care if you had kids. I came to him when I was 35 and my back really started going and I pleaded with him like, ‘Man, I got to like not do as many shows…maybe do half the tour and be able to recover.’ And he just looked at me and was like, ‘Oh, I need you on those shows, Randy. Mother Nature gets us all.’ And to hear that and go, ‘Ok, well I guess there’s no other thing I can do other than just wear myself out down to the nub until I can’t walk anymore for this man.’ And all of the opportunities he gave me…it’s nice having him out of there. And it’s nice having his son-in-law Triple H running the game. Nick Khan’s great. Everybody at TKO that’s come in, stepped in, they seem to get it. And it’s just a different era, it’s a different era. I think the way that they care for talent nowadays and make sure that talent’s good and if they need a little bit of a break…we’re only human – they get it, most of the time.”

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