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Trent Seven Talks About Jack Gallagher, NXT Fans Chanting “Mustache Mountain”

WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament participant Trent Seven recently spoke with The U.K. Mirror for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On performing in front of U.K. fans: “The fans were truly special in Blackpool. It was a weekend I’ll never forget and the fans were a huge part of that. We smashed it out of the park from a wrestling standpoint and fans followed suit. They were wild and made the whole thing feel incredibly special. To be back in front of them is going to be very special indeed. I was ultra confident going into it, because when you have such a good bunch of lads like that and people who really are going out to make an impression, who really want to work together to A, put ourselves across phenomenally, and B, make sure it was a product that could deliver at the end of the day, and a first class one at that, then you know it will be good. I wouldn’t say we over-delivered, but I think we delivered far beyond expectation. Everyone can stand up and give themselves a round of applause. I think the fans who were there in Blackpool and the fans watching on the WWE Network will attest to that. It was something quite magnificent that weekend.”

On the “Mustache Mountain” chants he receives from NXT fans: “Oh yeah, it was just brilliant. It was almost like the fans changed and thought ‘this is an independent British match, we will cheer like they do’. It was very strange, there was a ‘one-fall’ shout when the announcer came to announce our match and then there were duelling Moustache Mountain chants. It was brilliant. There was such a good reaction. And I felt like we delivered something that was unique and something different to what they normally get – a little taste of the British style. Hopefully we will be back over there soon to continue spreading the good word of the UK and British independent wrestling.”

On Jack Gallagher: “I’ve wrestled Jack a couple of times but I never got the chance to wrestle Neville before he signed with WWE, so hopefully that happens somewhere down the line. What an incredible match. To see Jack Gallagher – I remember in about 2008 I went to a training seminar and we were both there and we got paired up together – Davey Richards and maybe Kenny Omega were there. Davey Richards was taking the training seminar and this fiery haired lad piped up and said ‘can we do strikes?’ And I remember thinking ‘okay, brilliant, let’s practise beating each other up, can we not do that?’ So for the next 10 minutes or so he proceeded to beat seven shades of the proverbial out of me! That young lad there was Jack Gallagher and I never forget that and always remind him of it when I see him. Going back to Fastlane, it was incredible and it might not have been called the match of the night, but I think we all know it was. Outstanding. Those two guys absolutely tore it up. Speaking rather selfishly I hope I get the chance to get in there with Jack one more time, hopefully in a WWE ring. He should be very proud of what he’s achieved.”

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