Triple H's Post-NXT TV On USA Network Promo (VIDEO)

Triple H Comes Out For Post-Show Promo After NXT TV On USA Network (Video)

Triple H came back out to cut a post-show promo live in front of the WWE Universe in attendance at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida after Wednesday night’s historic episode of NXT TV On USA Network and WWE Network.

After the show ended, Triple H came out and addressed the live audience for a special off-air promo.

Amid chants of “Triple H”, he vowed to deliver the same sort of action every Wednesday evening and that “We Are [ALL] NXT!”

He promised that every week, they will give their blood, sweat and passion and they will give it all if the fans give it all back.

Triple H added that he’s counting on every single one in the crowd and he once again said that “We Are NXT,” and told everyone to stand up to show the world what they created.

From there, he would clap hands with ringside fans all the way to entering the crowd himself, walking all the way to the middle of the crowd and cheering along with the fans to close out the post-show segment.

Check out video of Triple H’s post-show promo at the historic NXT TV On USA Network debut episode on Wednesday night below.

If you missed it, check out the complete Triple H post-NXT TV On USA Network conference call, which was a pretty newsworthy one by the way, by clicking here.

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If you missed the historic inaugural episode of NXT TV On USA Network from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida on Wednesday night, check out our detailed results at this link: NXT TV On USA Network Results From Winter Park, FL. (9/18/2019) Social Media Interaction



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