Triple H Talks To USA Today's For The Win Section

Triple H Disagrees With Kacy Catanzaro, Feels She Will Make Great Heel Character

It looks like Triple H sees a future heel character in America Ninja Warrior contestant turned WWE developmental wrestler Kacy Catanzaro.

“The Game” told USA Today’s “For The Win” section that he sees a “twinkle in the eye” of Catanzaro that suggests she may make an excellent heel one day, should she embrace said-twinkle.

“I like to think of myself as a nice guy,” said Triple H. “But I made 90 percent of my career being the worst guy in the business. She might end up being the bad guy that thinks she’s better than everybody else, because she was the hero on American Ninja Warrior. She has a little twinkle in her eye. She might be the kind of person that embraces the evil side.”

Apparently Catanzaro doesn’t feel the same way. The former America Ninja Warrior contestant told USA Today that she will not be a “bad guy,” as it would conflict with the brand she established on the show.

“I’m not gonna be a bad guy,” Catanzaro said. “I’m definitely gonna be a babyface [and] keep the same [positive] brand that I am in [American] Ninja [Warrior], which is honestly who I am in general.”

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