Triple H Appears On The World According To Wrestling Podcast

Triple H Explains How World Of Sport Affected WWE’s Plans For U.K. Division

As noted, WWE Executive Paul “Triple H” Levesque recently appeared as a guest on The World According To Wrestling podcast for an interview.

In addition to the highlights we posted previously, “The Game” also spoke about how the World Of Sport revival in the United Kingdom in late 2016 affected WWE’s plans to create and launch a new WWE U.K. division.

“Did it change our timing a little bit because of when they positioned their show,” said Triple H during his appearance on the second episode of The World According To Wrestling podcast. “Yeah, but we are talking by maybe months or something not speeding up the process in terms of getting it done.”

Triple H continued, “We’ve been working on this for a long time. Any other show aside, if they are successful I’m happy for them.”

“At the end of the day, it all helps the industry so we just do what we do,” said HHH. “And I think we do it better than anyone else on the planet.”

Check out the complete episode of The World According To Wrestling podcast featuring the Triple H interview via iTunes.

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