Cody Rhodes Belt

Triple H Has Reportedly Cleared Debut of Brand New WWE Title Belt Following WrestleMania 39

— It looks like WWE is set to introduce a brand new title belt complete with a new design shortly after WrestleMania, according to a report by the WrestleVotes Twitter account.

“There’s a new belt. I don’t know for sure if it’s getting a new name. I don’t know if one of the titles is going away, but there’s a new belt that WWE has had made and the decision-makers have approved. Like, if they wanted to introduce it on TV tomorrow, they could. Those boxes are checked.”

— This would align with reports from earlier this year that WWE is looking to abandon the “unified/undisputed” title path and have separate world titles for each of the two brands – something that could happen in tandem with a draft that would place wrestlers on one of the two brands. The WrestleVotes account also spoke earlier this month of WWE’s plan on having two separate titles by SummerSlam, calling it the final “mess” of Vince McMahon that Triple H is looking to fix. Add to that rumors of Roman Reigns taking time off after WrestleMania and it’s looking more and more likely Cody Rhodes will walk out WrestleMania as not only the champion but with at least one new belt in tow.

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