Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Appear On ESPN First Take

Triple H On Having A Powerful Wife, Timing Of Vince McMahon Bringing Back XFL

As noted, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made the media rounds at ESPN on Wednesday to promote next month’s WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view, where they will square-off against Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey in mixed tag-team action.

One of the stops on the media tour yesterday was at ESPN: First Take. During their appearance on the show, Triple H was asked about how he deals with having a powerful wife like Stephanie McMahon.

“I am absolutely comfortable with a strong, powerful woman that can handle herself, that can stand up for herself, that can kick ass in every aspect of life,” Triple H said. “I am absolutely comfortable with that.”

The conversation then switched to Vince McMahon and how he is a genius.

“Absolutely, my father is a visionary. He really is,” said Stephanie. “When you consider that WrestleMania 1 was really his vision of putting WWE on the map. What was our Super Bowl, our Grammys, our Oscars. My parents mortgaged everything they owned to make it happen, to combine everything in pop culture with sports entertainment.”

“He has his fingers on the marketplace, he’s a storyteller and he’s a genius,” she added.

Triple H continued, “And I also think it’s part of his philosophy of life. He preaches it to us all the time – treat everyday like it’s your first day on the job. That might have worked for you yesterday but what does it do for you today. So everyday we walk into it saying, ‘How does this relate to today?’ And that makes you keep your finger on that pulse, and I think he does that very well.”

From there, the discussion switched to the timing of Vince McMahon bringing back the XFL.

“I think if anything he has proven over time that you learn from failure, much more than you learn from success,” he said. “He’s gone at this once and it didn’t work out. I think he learned a ton from that and he’s been chomping at the bit from the time to be right to do it again. I feel like he believes the time is right, now. I think he’s learned more fro that success and certainly I wouldn’t bet against him. I think the time is right in the world, I think the time is right on a global basis. Social media and the ability to get it out on a digital level. Instead of playing catch up to that, you’re starting it fresh with that. I think the time is right in a lot of ways.”

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