Triple H Talks Manny Tsigas

Triple H On Intergender Matches: “Women Don’t Need Men To Be Successful”

While in Australia this weekend for the WWE Super Show-Down event, WWE COO Triple H spoke with Manny Tsigas for a sit-down interview. During the discussion, “The Game” spoke about whether or not WWE plans to have more intergender matches in the future. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On not seeing the need for it to be a focus because it’s mainly for shock value and because WWE women talents don’t need a man to be successful: “It’s a funny thing to me, there’s just a shock moment to that and a spectacle moment to that. Women WWE Superstars don’t need a man to make them successful in the ring. They don’t need a man to step in the ring with them to make them have a spectacular match. … They don’t need a man in the ring with them, they need each other, they need the opportunity, they need the platform, and they need to be set free to do what they need to do. And when we do that, they rise to the occasion, they have stolen the show, they’ve been the main event, and they will have their PPV on October 28 from New York, the first all-female WWE PPV.

“They don’t need that and I think anybody that says, ‘Well, to have the man vs. the woman’ it’s just shock value, you don’t need it. I think when it’s done right there’s an exciting moment when it can happen, but I don’t mean to think that needs to be the standard.”

On not feeling like intergender matches empowers women, but instead how two women working so well with each other that the men have trouble keeping up with them: “I don’t. To say for a female to prove that she is empowered she has to compete against a man, or to have a man in the ring with her to be able to do what she does at a high enough level? No, you know what makes a female empowered? When she is so good with another female in the ring that no man on the card can stand up to them. … When they do all the things that they can do right now, on their own, because they have that ability. That is the empowerment. It’s not about us giving them something or ‘You’re wrestling a man now, now you’re doing something.’ That’s a man’s ego.”

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