Triple H Praises Paul Heyman’s Promo Skills; Leaves Open Possibility of Adding Him to Creative Team

— Yesterday, Paul “Triple H” Levesque participated in a media scrum yesterday, discussing a number of topics related to the massive changes in WWE this month. Levesque was asked about the possibility of Paul Heyman joining WWE’s creative team and here’s what he said:

“I want ideas from everybody. I want thoughts from everybody. To me, this is inclusive, and when I, when I say that goes for the talent, when I say, it’s gonna take all of us, it’s gonna take all of us and I want that. I, I want like, look, Paul’s one of the best promos in the history of this business. So who better when I asked him to be a part of this, he was thrilled, right? We, we both joke about the fountain youth at these things. Paul always does this, rub it all over me. It’s the fountain youth, right? Who better to come here and, and talk about that skill. Paul has the gift of gab, always has, and who better to come here and motivate these kids?”

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