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Triple H Promises Greater Transparency During Talent Meeting Prior to WWE Monday Night Raw

— WWE announced on Monday that Paul “Triple H” Levesque will lead the creative team effective immediately, essentially replacing Vince McMahon as the person who has to give his approval on anything related to storylines and character development. Prior to last night’s Monday Night Raw, Triple H spoke to talent in an internal meeting, according to a report from

— In the meeting, Triple H (who also is the new EVP of Talent Relations) promised greater transparency when it comes to creative, something that was said to be severely lacking under Vince McMahon’s leadership. HHH emphasized that he wants an “open line of communication” between him and the wrestlers, something that was nearly non-existent with Vince as some wrestlers waited hours and hours to speak to him if they were lucky to even get that face-to-face time. Triple H also stressed that he wants work to be fun.

— Some wrestlers who spoke of this meeting said that it went “really well”, leaving many with a sense of optimism that there will be positive changes when it comes to creative. The USA Network, one of WWE’s biggest partners, appears to be pleased with the move to appoint Levesque as the top dog for creative as they posted the following on Facebook and on their website.

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