HHH and Vince

Triple H Reportedly Back in Control of WWE Raw, Smackdown; Vince McMahon Minimally Involved

It seems that positive changes are underway on both of WWE’s flagship shows, Raw and SmackDown, potentially signaling a shift in creative leadership. According to initial reports from pwinsider.com, Paul “Triple H” Levesque appears to be taking a more prominent role in directing creative decisions, while Vince McMahon has taken a step back, resulting in improved morale among the WWE talent and backstage crew.

Fightfulselect.com supports these reports, stating that although talent hasn’t received explicit confirmation, there is a prevailing belief within the company that McMahon is no longer in charge of creative decisions. This shift has brought about a notable increase in optimism, especially compared to the previous eight months when Vince had returned to a more hands-on role. One significant change observed during McMahon’s absence is the reduction in last-minute script alterations that were a common occurrence earlier in the year. This trend of fewer “late changes” started around the September 25 episode of Raw.

WWE officials have noticed several positive developments that were less likely under McMahon’s direct leadership. These include the return of Johnny Gargano, despite being medically cleared for months, increased screen time for Tegan Nox, a more prominent role for Dragon Lee, and Carlito’s long-anticipated return, despite being signed several months ago. Other notable observations include Cameron Grimes’ resurgence on TV, Bronson Reed securing victories, and extended match times for title bouts (Intercontinental and tag team) to close out Raw, which many believe is more than mere coincidence.

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