Triple H Says WWE Will Have Less Censorship Issues When Raw Moves To Netflix

— WWE CCO Paul “HHH” Levesque appeared on the Pat McAfee show yesterday to promote the recently announced agreement between WWE and the state of Indiana which will bring three major events to the city of Indianapolis. One of the other topics he discussed was WWE Raw’s impending move from the USA Network over to Netflix in 2025, specifically how the company will not face much of the censorship issues that they currently need to deal with while on TV.

“Netflix is a completely different animal. It’s a streaming service, how are commercials going to work? How are breaks going to work? What’s the length of time? What are the restrictions? What are not restrictions? Just as an example, us being on FOX, if the crowd chants ‘holy shit’ or something much worse, they just take the audio (out). Sometimes they take the picture and the audio off and it’s just a black screen.”

“The Rock comes in, and you sorta kinda can’t tell The Rock what to do, right. What are we gonna tell him? So he does what he does. But we won’t have those issues with Netflix. The ability to be live globally, the ability to have everything seen all at once everywhere, it’s a game-changing moment. I think in many ways, not to disparage other partners because we want to be everywhere, but that’s sort of where the world is heading is streaming services.”

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