Triple H Speaks On His Vision For NXT’s Future, Fans Wanting Nakamura On RAW

Triple H recently sat down with to promote WWE’s NXT brand. He spoke about their big year in 2016, and his vision for the future of the NXT brand. Triple H indicated that his vision for NXT has it being side-by-side in importance with RAW and SmackDown.

“We say that it’s developmental, but at the same time it’s a third brand — 200 events this year, specials and the weekly show itself which are one of the most popular things on the Network,” Triple H said. “I think over the years you’re gonna begin to see RAW is its own brand, SmackDown is its own brand, NXT — you’re gonna see people move around. It’s no longer gonna be just, this guy got called up, it’s gonna be maybe ‘this guy got moved over, she got moved here,’ and see that transference of talent.”

The Game also talked about current NXT star Shinsuke Nakamura, and addressed criticism about Nakamura not being featured on what is often perceived as WWE’s flagship brand: Raw.

“One of the things that’s funny to me — I always laugh at it — is when people say to me, ‘I watch Nakamura every week in NXT. I don’t know why they don’t put him on Raw so I can watch him on Raw every week.’ You’re getting to see him, right? You’re getting to see him doing what he does, in a big way,” Triple H said.

Triple H teased that once Nakamura does get to Raw, he may just want to return to NXT. You can read his entire interview on

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