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Triple H Talks About Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt & The Rock Returning to WWE

— Paul “HHH” Levesque spoke to Ariel Helwani in an interview released today and was asked about the chances of Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, and the Rock returning to WWE. Here’s what he had to say:

Sasha Banks

“Time will tell. I think in a lot of ways communication breakdowns are terrible. There was a communication breakdown there, for whatever reason. Starting back up that communication is not a difficult process but it can be a process and you have to go through the process. But she’s an unbelievably talented woman who can do just about anything she wants, it just comes down to what does she want to do now. She’s an unbelievable performer that I believe in with everything I have.”

Bray Wyatt

“One of the most – I mean this in the best way possible – crazy, creative people I’ve ever been around. Mind just never stops thinking of creative but it’s like being in a whirlwind of stuff. So without the harness and without someone to point the tornado, it’s just all over the place. He’s a victim of his own mind and creative but I love working with him.”

Braun Strowman

“We’ll see. He’s a polarizing person a little bit sometimes in the business but for a guy his size, what he brings to the table, he’s an amazing athlete. If this is what he wants to do at the highest of levels, then I would like nothing more than to give him another shot.”

The Rock

“There is nothing else on the planet that gives you that rush that WWE gives you. I know somewhere deep inside of him there is that burning thing to go, ‘I gotta feel that one more time, gotta get in there one more time because that clock is ticking. If there’s a time, it is becoming now. And I know there is a burning desire for him to take advantage of that time. It’s just a matter can he harness all those other things to focus on that long enough for us to get it done. It’s up to him, the platform is certainly there – WrestleMania, LA, two nights. The tribal chief is sitting there waiting for him. He’s juggling a lot, hopefully the answer is yes. I’d love to see nothing more. We’ll see.”

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