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Tye Dillinger On Dealing With Confidence Issues, Finding Out About Royal Rumble

Ahead of his eight-person tag-team match at this Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Orlando event at Amway Center, Tye Dillinger spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News about confidence issues he has dealt with in the past.

As Dillinger explains, WWE Performance Center Head Coach Matt Bloom is deserving of credit for helping him deal with the confidence issues.

“Matt Bloom came in and took the reigns and took the brand in a very positive direction and took his talent in a very positive direction too. It’s under his reign when he first took over that my confidence started to take a turn for the better,” said Dillinger. “Over time, working with guys like Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and things like that when these guys give you a verbal pat on the back and they kind of give you their stamp of approval, it doesn’t get much bigger than that for me.”

Dillinger continued, “That was huge in turning things around for me, helping my confidence and helping this character’s confidence. You can’t really be a ‘Perfect 10’ unless you have some confidence and a little bit of attitude.”

Also during the interview, the NXT star spoke about how he found out he was going to be included in this year’s 30-man Royal Rumble match.

“t wasn’t until someone said ‘I think you’re No. 10 tonight’ and I was kind of like ‘whoa, no way, that’s not possible,'” Dillinger recalled. “It was probably a couple of hours before officially but anything changes in this industry and I was going to be ready one way or another.”

Check out the complete Tye Dillinger interview at SportingNews.com.

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