Tyson Kidd Reportedly Pulled From WWE’s Total Divas: “WWE Doesn’t Want My Situation Explained”

Tyson Kidd has reportedly been pulled from the new season of WWE’s Total Divas reality show. When a fan on Twitter asked Kidd about his absence from the show, he replied that he won’t be appearing once this season and that “you’ll have to contact [WWE]” to find out why.

It appears that an issue stemming from Kidd’s near-fatal injury he suffered in a WWE ring during a match with Samoa Joe could be the cause of his absence. When a fan wrote to Kidd on Twitter that she wants his injury situation explained on the show, Kidd replied and explained that WWE doesn’t want that happen.

“Oh believe me, I don’t think [WWE] wants my situation explained,” Kidd wrote. “I’ll leave it at that for now.”

Kidd suffered a serious neck and spinal injury in June of 2015 after taking Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster in a dark match. The injury reportedly only has a 5% survival rate and a high chance of paralysis, but after spinal fusion surgery Kidd is able to walk again. Dave Meltzer had previously noted that it was “unbelievable” that Kidd came out of the surgery as well as he did.

In a 2015 Sports Illustrated interview, Bret Hart blamed the injury on Kidd not being given adequate time to prepare for the match by WWE. Hart also slammed Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster as being a reckless move. Kidd was the final graduate of the Hart Dungeon.

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