Paige VanZant Wants To Work With WWE

UFC Star Paige VanZant Again Expresses Interest In Working With WWE

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

Paige VanZant appears to be creating her own smoke regarding a potential move to the WWE at some point in the future.

Even if it’s for a one-time appearance, VanZant has spoken multiple times about having interest in doing something with WWE.

During a recent interview, the UFC Women’s Flyweight contender and one-time Dancing With The Stars contestant spoke again about wanting to work with WWE at some point.

“It’s just another platform for us UFC fighters to make a name for ourselves,” said VanZant. “I know Ronda is going to do awesome at it, and she’s going to make a name for herself in the WWE. I’m a fighter first and foremost, but if the opportunity ever came knocking, I’m not one to turn opportunities down. I think it’s an amazing organization, and I’d definitely love to work with them.”

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