The Undertaker Talks WWE Injury Protocols

WWE |By Andrew Hatcher |Thu, April 15, 2021 - 9:17AM EDT

A WWE Legend recently took to a podcast, and made his opinion of WWE medical protocols known.

The Undertaker appeared as a guest on the Victory Over Injury podcast, and where he was asked about the way WWE goes about handling injuries. ‘Taker explained the changes that have taken place in the wrestling industry, and told listeners:

"From my perspective of breaking into the business in the late eighties to where it is now, obviously I never played in the NFL or Major League Baseball or the NBA but I do know the protocols that are in place when an athlete, one, gets concussed, two, gets any kind of surgery or any injury, they have to be cleared by several different layers and there’s no… it’s not one of those situations where you can fake it. You get put through a physical that says “OK, this is what you had surgery on, this is what you have injured. Let’s see where you’re at with it.” So if it’s still hurt or there’s an injury there, they’re not going to clear you. It’s night and day to where it is now. And I think we’re, without any kind of union or anything like that, I think we’re on the same level as the other major sports brands. That’s one of the biggest parts of our evolution. The way the athletes are treated”.

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)