Ashley Massaro Update (5/17/2019)

Update: Ashley Massaro Dies As Result Of Alleged Suicide

It looks like there might be more to the Ashley Massaro story than first believed.

In an updated report from The Hollywood Reporter, there is talk that her passing could be the result of an alleged suicide.

The Suffolk County Police Department PIO tells that “I can confirm that she has passed and has died and that she was 39 and that she was from Smithtown but I can not confirm any other details because we don’t have them. And since it was considered a non criminal death we will not have them. We normally don’t release that info for non criminal deaths.” Her 40th birthday was only 10 days away on May 26.

After news of her death broke, WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen appeared to reveal that Ashley died by suicide. In an emotional Instagram Post, Rochelle paid tribute to her friend and used the hashtags “I didn’t understand”, “depression”, and “suicide”, followed by a message to “care for your friends”. However, Ashley’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed, as an official autopsy is still pending.

In addition to the comments quoted in the article, other friends and former colleagues from her time in WWE have posted about the same subject on social media. Check out those tweets and Instagram posts below.

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