Update on Braun Strowman, X-Pac Denies Allegations, House of Horrors for Sale

— In an update to an earlier story where WWE announced that Braun Strowman suffered a torn rotator cuff after his Payback match against Roman Reigns, and some speculation whether it was a legit injury, it turns out that Braun is okay and the injury is strictly for storyline purposes.

— The house used in the “House of Horrors” match at Payback is actually located in Richmond, MO and is on sale for $36,000. It is unclear whether WWE purchased the house outright for the match – which was actually taped about 2-3 weeks ago – or if they rented it for that time period. Either way, the house is (back) up for sale and you can find the listing¬†here.

— Sean Waltman spoke out earlier today on the reports going around that he was arrested for drug trafficking charges. Waltman is claiming that the capsules were medication he was using to treat a yeast infection and that further tests will clear him of any crime. He also stated that while he was “one of the worst meth heads ever”, he does not use or or sell any drugs, period.

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