Update on ‘Broken’ Trademark Battle, What Impact Wants & Hardys/WWE

  • As noted before, Anthem – the company that owns Impact Wrestling – is asking the Hardys for a negotiated percentage of revenues that they would generate from the “Broken” gimmick as an out-of-court settlement.
  • However, if and when the Hardys jump to WWE, it is extremely unlikely that WWE would allow them to use those characters if they ended up making that settlement with Anthem. Instead, it is more likely that WWE would either change the gimmick completely or try to modify it in such a way where it would not infringe upon any intellectual property rights.
  • As far as the language in the contract goes, most standard TNA contracts have verbiage in there that makes it very clear that any intellectual property that is introduced first on TNA television ends up belonging completely to the company, but it remains clear whether Matt Hardy’s contract had different language in it as he did not have a standard contract.
  • Nonetheless, the legal letters that Anthem sent to ROH, the Hardys, Dish, DirectTV and other cable companies specifically quoted passages from the contract and evidently it was enough for ROH to have them drop the gimmick on the PPV.

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