Update On Brooke Hogan’s Claims That Hulk Is In Talks With WWE (Video)

Brooke Hogan was recently featured on TMZ Sports for the first time since she claimed that her father Hulk Hogan was in talks with WWE for a WrestleMania appearance in April. In her latest TMZ appearance, Brooke didn’t back down from her previous claims.

According to recent reports, Hulk has been in talks with WWE — but not for a WrestleMania appearance. Hogan reportedly met with WWE officials in New York in November to discuss filming new content for the WWE Network. Hogan himself publicly commented on Brooke’s claims to TMZ, saying that she was just stirring the pot.

The subject of Brooke’s new women’s wrestling promotion came up, and she indicated that Hulk will not be funding it with his Gawker lawsuit money.

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