Update On Daniel Cormier To WWE

Update: FOX Pushing WWE To Bring UFC Champion To SmackDown Live

As noted, UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier revealed during a recent media scrum that he has a tryout with WWE as a commentator coming up in the near future.

During a recent episode of his Wrestling Observer Radio program, Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer elaborated on the story, explaining that it is FOX executives that want Cormier around following UFC’s move from FOX to ESPN and WWE’s move from USA Network to their network.

“The Cormier thing is, Fox wants Cormier”, Meltzer said during the aforementioned radio show. “That’s the deal. That’s where that (news) comes from. Vince isn’t yelling as much at the guys on SmackDown every week, because Vince doesn’t go to SmackDown that much anymore. And they want him (Cormier) for SmackDown.”

Meltzer continued, “Although when SmackDown’s on Fox on Friday, that may all change. He (Vince) may be at every SmackDown again. But Fox wants Cormier, that’s the deal with Cormier. Because number one, they want more of a sports presentation, and number two, they love Cormier from the UFC, and they don’t want to lose him. So that’s what that is about.”

Check out the complete episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio program at F4WOnline.com.

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