Update On The Future Of TNA, Big Backstage Heat On Dixie Carter

While Billy Corgan had the final creatively at the last set of TNA TV tapings, Dixie Carter remains the majority shareholder of the company. Executives from The Fight Network were also backstage to meet with Carter, as they are also company shareholders. Dixie left before the end of the tapings.

According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a lot of frustration among company employees and wrestlers due to the extended state of ownership limbo. TNA still reportedly owes a significant amount of money to some of their performers. There is also heat on Dixie Carter for the perception that she’s handling things badly and causing deals to fall apart.

According to the Observer, things are heated behind-the-scenes between Dixie Carter and potential buyers Billy Corgan and Aroluxe Marketing. It now appears that Aroluxe may be the most-likely buyer.

There’s currently no word on who funded the previous set of tapings. It wasn’t WWE, and WWE is reportedly no longer in talks to purchase the company.

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