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Update on Kevin Dunn’s Departure From WWE; Possible Speculation On Replacement

As previously mentioned, Kevin Dunn, the long-serving top executive producer for WWE, is concluding his nearly forty-year tenure with the company.

According to a report by Dave Meltzer on, Dunn’s departure was anticipated when Vince McMahon’s influence in WWE diminished. It was expected that Dunn would either retire or be replaced, with the assumption that new leadership would assemble their own preferred team.

Regarding Dunn’s successor, a definitive decision has not yet been made. Within the company, there’s speculation about Mike Mansury being a potential choice, particularly given Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s preference. However, it’s believed that Mansury is currently committed to a long-term deal with AEW. Another name in consideration is Marty Miller.

Initially, the plan involved Chris Kaiser becoming the Executive Producer handling budgets, with Dunn overseeing shows and making final decisions. However, circumstances took a different turn. With Dunn’s departure, there is speculation that Miller could be brought in to manage production from the truck, while Kaiser handles budgetary aspects. However, this remains speculative at this point.

While some within the company were aware of Dunn’s impending departure, many were taken by surprise. The decision for Dunn to step down began a couple of months ago and is rooted in McMahon’s diminished behind-the-scenes influence in the company.

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