Roman Reigns

Update on Roman Reigns Getting Upset With Kevin Owens Following WWE Survivor Series

— Yesterday, a report emerged suggesting that at the conclusion of WWE’s Survivor Series WarGames, Roman Reigns entered the backstage area upset about a botched spot between himself and Kevin Owens that he thought was unplanned. Between shouting expletives, Reigns was heard complaining that he may have ruptured an ear drum.

— According to Dave Meltzer of, the story is accurate, adding that Reigns was upset after getting popped in the face, leading to noticeable bruising under his left eye. While there was some talk of injury to his ear due to a slap from Owens during the match leading to Reigns’ heated outburst, however, everything blew over within 20 minutes and as such, there were no lingering issues between the two wrestlers.

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