Update On RAW’s Cruiserweight Division & Vince McMahon’s Involvement

WWE used to weigh their competitors during the Cruiserweight Classic to keep them under the 205 pound weight limit, but the company is no longer doing that on RAW. It’s unknown if WWE will maintain the strict weight limit going forward. Some fans noted that Brian Kendrick was billed as 150 pounds during the CWC, but has been billed at 170 pounds on RAW. Sin Cara was previously billed as 205, but during his cruiserweight tag match on RAW he was billed as 198.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter speculated that Vince McMahon may be behind the slight changes to the cruiserweight division. The WWE Chairman had very little to do with the CWC, but obviously is overseeing the division on RAW.

Noam Dar was backstage at Monday’s RAW, but there’s no word on when he will make his TV debut.


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