Update On Recent Matt Cardona, Nick Gage Brawl

Other |By Andrew Hatcher |Mon, June 14, 2021 - 8:05PM EDT

As reported earlier this week, Nick Gage and Matt Cardona are set to go toe-to-toe, during the first night of GCW Homecoming.

Gage called out Cardona for weeks, leading to a surprise appearance from Matt, which happened at last weeks GCW Zombie Walk event. Gage responded by interrupting Cardona’s Major Pod Network, leading to a brawl between both men, as well as a brief conversation with a nearby police officer.

According to a new report from Fightful, the police officer involved had no prior knowledge of the planned brawl, and reacted as any officer would, once things got out of hand.

(Via Fightful)