Rumor Killer On Vince McMahon/MSG Story

Update On Rumors Of Vince McMahon Trying To Stop ROH/NJPW Show At MSG

A recent online report suggested that Vince McMahon and officials from Madison Square Garden were scheduled to meet in the near future to discuss next year’s joint ROH/NJPW event that is beind held at the venue, specifically that McMahon was once again going to attempt to block the event from happening. This report is false and MSG officials have stated that there are no upcoming meetings with McMahon and in fact, they don’t even deal with him directly for anything related to live events as the company has a specific department that handles those types of discussions with venues.

Not only that, but ROH has a contract in place with MSG to run their event on April 6 and have not only started selling the G1 Supercard tickets, but the event is almost sold out. Even if they wanted to, there is really no way for WWE to stop this event from happening unless they want to engage and defend themselves in a lawsuit that they are unlikely to win.

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