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Update On Shawn Michaels’ WWE Return & Possible Future Matches

As noted before, WWE has been in discussions with Shawn Michaels regarding a return to the ring and by the sounds of it, it’s going to happen. While the Super Show-down in Australia is out of the question, Michaels is still being rumored to be announced as a special guest referee for the Taker/HHH match, likely to set up his return to the ring.

The latest speculation on Michaels’ return is that WWE is hoping to sign him for a two-match contract, the first being a tag team match along with Triple H to face the Undertaker and a partner and the second, which would be a singles match against the Undertaker. For what it’s worth, in the tag team match – which some speculate could be at the yet-to-be-announced Saudi Arabia show in November – would see Michaels and HHH team up to take on Undertaker and a returning Kane.

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