Update On SmackDown's Future

Update On SmackDown Live Moving To FOX, House Of Hardy To Become Network Series?

With WWE’s new deal with FOX, there are going to be some weeks where Smackdown will have to move to FS1. This will likely be a rare occurrence, perhaps only when the World Series airs on FOX as Major League Baseball won’t give up their highly watched Friday night games. The last FOX baseball game on Friday night this year drew over 13 million viewers.

The Matt Hardy Halloween special that aired on the WWE Network was produced by both Matt and Jeremy Borash – the two key people who were responsible for the original gimmick in Impact. Jimmy Paradyse was also involved in Impact and he too is also working for WW nowE. Rebecca Hardy indicated that she worked on the music, videos and promo.

The special was used as a pilot and the plan is that the Hardy family will have a regular WWE television series called “House Hardy” where the family will basically play off of the Broken gimmick. Matt noted that he would also be returning to TV as a character, but that it wouldn’t necessarily be in the Broken/Woken gimmick – that character will be used on the Network show instead.

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