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Update On Triple H’s Return, Latest On Shawn Michaels Possibly Wrestling Again

At this time, WWE has not made public how long Triple H will be out of action after suffering a torn pectoral muscle and undergoing surgery. The belief is that he will be gone at about six months, which would cause him to miss WrestleMania and his planned match against Batista reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It should be noted that John Cena also suffered a torn pec and came back in only three months but Cena was significantly younger and generally has shown a history of healing very quick.

Even though Shawn Michaels has gone on record to state that he isn’t really interested in wrestling any more matches, there is a feeling backstage that he will want to come back – perhaps in a singles match – so that he can finish his career and have a final match that was more memorable than the tag team match at Crown Jewel.

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