Jimmy Uso Arrest Update (7/26/2019)

Update: Uso Arrested After Putting Phone In Cops Face, More Details On Latest Incident

As noted yesterday, WWE superstar Jimmy Uso (real name Jonathan Fatu) was arrested and charged with DUI and a report by ABC affiliate station WEAR-TV in Pensacola has several new details on the arrest.

According to the report, police initially responded to a complaint of DUI around 1:30 AM after being advised by an off-duty officer that there was a vehicle that was being driven erratically at over 100 MPH.

Eventually police conducted a traffic stop to investigate.

When the deputy requested Fatu’s driver license, registration and proof of insurance he appeared to have some issues holding the documents in his hands. He also had “bloodshot, watery, droopy eyelids, dilated pupils long with slow and slurred speech” and the deputy could smell alcohol emanating from the driver’s side window.

After requesting Fatu to step out of the vehicle multiple times, when the wrestler finally did get out, he appeared unsteady on his feet which is when the deputy asked Fatu if he was willing to ride with him to an adjacent parking lot which was flat, level and well lit in order to conduct a sobriety test.

While explaining that he was conducting a DUI investigation, Fatu kept asking if he needed a lawyer present and also if he was being detained. After being told it was not possible to have a lawyer present, Fatu then took his phone out from his pocket and put it up towards the deputy’s face which is when the officer placed him in handcuffs and arrested him.

Check out the mug-shot photo from Jimmy Uso’s arrest on Thursday morning by clicking here.

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