WWE Crown Jewel Update

Update On WWE Crown Jewel, HBK & Kane’s Returns, Brock Lesnar/RAW

After appearing at Hell in a Cell and being announced for the WWE’s next show in Saudi Arabia, titled Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar was not backstage at WWE Raw. It is unclear when he will be back on TV, but it might not be until the go-home edition of Raw before the November 2 show.

As announced on Raw last night, Shawn Michaels will be in the corner of Triple H when he battles the Undertaker at the Australia Super Show-Down next month. Taker responded by saying that he will be bringing his “brother” Kane to be in his corner. As we noted here, the plan seems to be to have a tag team match featuring these four superstars which will most likely place at the Crown Jewel event.

Some have concluded that with Glenn Jacobs (Kane) the Mayor of Knox County, he would not be wrestling or even appearing at any WWE events. However, amid criticism from his opposition in the recent election, Jacobs has actually stated that he would not rule it out as it causes no conflict of interest and that wrestling would forever be a part of his life.

Former WWE superstar Shane “Hurricane” Helms is down at the WWE Performance Center this week as a special guest trainer for the talent down there.

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