Saurav Gurjar Apologizes To WWE Locker Room For Spoiling NXT Great American Bash

Update On WWE NXT Star Apologizing To Entire Locker Room For Major Recent Incident, Surprising Reaction Afterwards

The fallout has been interesting regarding the incident that saw one-half of the WWE NXT tag-team Indus Sher, Saurav Gurjar, leak a photo spoiling the outcome of the “Winner Take All” main event at NXT Great American Bash, which ultimately ruined the surprise factor behind Keith Lee making NXT history as the brand’s first-ever “double champion.”

According to Fightful Select, a meeting was held backstage at the most recent set of NXT tapings, where Gurjar apologized to the entire locker room for spoiling the results of the NXT Great American Bash Night 2 “Winner Take All” main event between then-NXT Champion Adam Cole and the man who would go on to make NXT history as the brand’s first double-champion — “Limitless” Keith Lee.

Backstage reports from sources within WWE insist that despite the seeming enormity of the transgression, there is no “significant” heat on Gurjar, and that there is not expected to be any punishment.

Gurjar had posted a photo on Instagram showing Keith Lee celebrating his victory over Adam Cole to become double-champion of the brand prior to the bout airing during the premiere of the special conclusion of the two-week WWE NXT extravaganza.

While the photo was immediately removed after his temporary lapse in judgement, word had gotten out, and the photo had been downloaded, saved and shared all over the internet along with the spoiler information revealing the outcome of the heavily promoted main event of the first-annual Great American Bash special under WWE’s black-and-gold banner of NXT.

Regardless, that didn’t seem to stop NXT from winning that week’s ratings war over AEW. Even if AEW executives and wrestlers fought to stress the significance of key demos when the numbers from the two-week head-to-head showdown between their AEW FYTER FEST special shows and the NXT Great American Bash specials, the WWE shows did out-draw the All Elite Wrestling shows in overall for both consecutive weeks.

Considering the fact that it’s rare for NXT to out-draw AEW in overall viewership in their weekly “Wednesday Night Wars” ratings battles, the black-and-gold brand can proudly lay-claim to the ratings victories for both shows, as many tuned in to watch Lee achieve his crowning moment despite the spoiler leaking out as a result of Gurjar’s actions.

Some have made the comparisons to this being somewhat of a modern version of the old Monday Night Wars infamous incident where Tony Schiavone, per orders from Eric Bischoff, dogged the legitimacy and credibility of a Mick Foley world title win by spoiling the fact that one was coming on the taped WWE RAW show that was opposing their live WCW Monday Nitro broadcast in mocking fashion, resulting in WWE stealing a rare victory over WCW in those days.

We’ll keep you updated as more details and notes surface regarding reactions and how things are being handled with the NXT Great American Bash spoiler leak by Saurav Gurjar.


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