Young Bucks Update

Update On Young Bucks Turning Down WWE, NXT Stars Take “Wait-And-See” Approach

WWE officials who knew of the company’s offers to the Young Bucks and Cody were convinced that they would agree to them and that they would be debuting at the Royal Rumble to be worked into major storylines heading into WrestleMania, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When the wrestlers chose AEW, those officials were stunned that they anyone would reject a WWE offer of that caliber, especially after Triple H reportedly negotiated with them for approximately 12 hours.

WWE and NXT talent are for the most part taking a “wait-and-see” approach. Those wrestlers who WWE have figured are frustrated with their spots have been given more television time in recent weeks after previously being ignored. Others are waiting for AEW’s announcement on a television deal whereas those whose contracts expire towards the end of 2019 are in a good spot as they will have a great idea at where AEW is headed long-term as they would no doubt have a TV deal by then.

The Observer Newsletter also reports that even though Tuesday was the original plan for the AEW show since they trademarked “Tuesday Night Dynamite”, it is ultimately up to the station they sign with, but right now that day looks “highly unlikely” though the two hours of prime time is still the plan in any prospective deal for TV.

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