WWE RAW Viewership For 2/4/2019 Show

USA Network Very Happy With WWE’s Creative Changes & Strong Ratings Rebound

— WWE has seen sweeping changes within their leadership and creative teams lately and the consensus has been largely positive with not only a better product garnering rave reviews but ratings, particularly for Monday Night Raw, bouncing back in a big way. The changes haven’t gone unnoticed by the USA Network who are said to be happy according to a report by fightfulselect.com

— Sources at the network have noted that the two million plus viewers the show has been averaging lately has been more in line with with the figures the network expected when they signed a gigantic deal with WWE to retain Raw, however, conceded that the pandemic dealt everyone a serious blow. Another person with Universal stated that they didn’t expect such drastic changes within WWE but felt that the creative flow of the show felt “more natural” and admitted that there’s more discussion about Raw within their company. Overall, the USA Network is said to be very happy to see the creative changes under Triple H’s leadership and believe that the network will look to extend their partnership with WWE once negotiations on a new television rights deal begins next year.

— As noted in a previous post, WWE television shows have been bucking an industry trend of declining year-over-year television ratings for almost every other programming, which has put the company in an excellent position with significant leverage when they start shopping around Raw and Smackdown again.

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