Velvet Sky Recalls Final Match, Talks Working As A Commentator In NWA

During her recent interview with WrestlingInc., Velvet Sky discussed working at the NWA commentary desk. Sky also recalled her last match, and more. Check out her comments below.

On working with the National Wrestling Alliance:

“It really is a breath of fresh air. Everybody gets along so well. From the girls’ locker room to the guys to management everyone works hard together as a family. I look forward to going there. There is no catfighting or fighting among the girls. They are bringing in new girls all the time with some mainstays too. No jealousy or whispering. It’s just based on mutual respect with one another with etiquette, core values. I feel like a lost art in this industry nowadays.”

On becoming a member of the commentary team:

“I don’t miss being in the ring and glad I’m on the other side of the ropes and watching all the amazing athletes do their thing. NWA has so many talented wrestlers on that roster of up and coming, as well as old faces. No one at the time in TNA in 2016 was happy. Though we were grateful for the opportunities we were given. At that point, I wanted my contract to run out. They had given me a platform and good career there. I’ve done everything I wanted to do for the company. It was a pleasant exit for me. Since then I fell out of the wrestling loop. In 2019, Ring of Honor presented itself to myself and Angelina [Love] and Mandy [Leon]. We debuted in Madison Square Garden. My first reintroduction to the business and to go in there and perform and be in the microphone and perform. I missed that. It is what it is. I have nothing but good things to say about Ring of Honor. Even though they have changes that need to be worked out and made decisions left you scratching your head. I dig Ring of Honor and TNA, but NWA is where it is at. I’m not saying it to kiss butt. It’s just a great place to work.”

On her feelings towards her last match:

“The way we do business in wrestling is when you leave a company you put someone over on the way out. I remember in TNA in 2016 it was my last match. It was against Sienna. At that point, she was relatively new to the company and they were trying to build her up. They said, ‘This is who we wanted you to work with. Would you mind putting her over?’ I was all business. No problem. I have no ego. I’m just the happy-go-lucky Velvet. I didn’t have many expectations as far as my exit match. I already knew what was going to be asked of me. Being a wrestler and a professional at the same time, you do good business on the way out. You don’t want to leave a bad taste in a company’s mouth because you never know when an opportunity will present itself to return there. I was never an ass-kisser, but I am a businesswoman.”

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