Velveteen Dream Talks To Washington City Paper

Velveteen Dream On His Character Being Non-Gender Conforming & Androgynous

During a recent interview with The Washington City Paper, NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream addressed a hot-button issue.

Velveteen Dream was asked about his WWE character being gender non-conforming and androgynous. To that, the NXT Superstar offered the following response:

“I can’t make anything of those descriptions of Velveteen Dream. I don’t consider myself either of those. It’s very hard for a performer to take that outside look. I’m a very introspective individual. It’s hard for me to label myself or characterize myself. I do believe that current performers in WWE, more specifically in NXT, we have more freedom to be ourselves. I can say the people you see on TV are real-life individuals, not just people playing a role, myself included.”

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