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Velveteen Dream Released From Jail; Blasts EC3 For Recent Allegations

— Patrick Clark, the former Velveteen Dream in NXT, was released from jail today and immediately hopped on Instagram to blast EC3, who has recently come out with a story that he caught Dream recording people using the bathroom at his house. Here’s what Clark had to say:

“Is this thing on, is this thing on or something? Okay. So let me explain something to everybody. First of all, to everyone who has sent their, uh, well wishes and their respects and their love toward me, I just want to say thank you very much, because I love you all and I appreciate you all. And the support means the world to me. Okay. And God works in amazing ways. Okay. Let me tell you this. I’m trying to help my old man out on a computer and I just type in WWE. Right? Tell me why. The first thing I see is EC3 has talked to the dirt sheets, I guess, since I’m on TMZ now I’m somebody, again, EC3 has gone to the dirt sheet saying that, uh, if you haven’t seen it, he had a party at his house one night. And if I’m to be correct, this was about, uh, 2017- 2010. EC3…I’m not gonna tell people who was at this party outta respect for our mutual friends, but one of our mutual friends is a former NXT talent that no longer works for the WWE, and the other person is a current Monday Night Raw talent who used to wrestle, [was] talent for NXT. Okay. Mike, EC3, you go out here after I give you the best match you’ve ever had in your career. You go out here and you, and you D I’m tired of people throwing dirt on my name. You throw this dirt on my name saying that I tried to record you in your bathroom. Let’s be honest, Mike, you’re leaving out a lot of details. What were we doing that night? Mike? What type of powder was on the table? Mike? Okay. Okay. Let’s be real. So let’s not leave out all the details. We were all drunk. You were pissy drunk because you were in your place. You were damned near passed out in the corner. You and your home girl, whichever chick you were screwing at the time. Okay. And the other two people, our mutual friends were there. I left my phone on your bathroom counter, and because you were not sure of my sexuality at the time, because of the character I played on TV, and because we’re not friends in real life at all. Okay. You try to accuse me of recording you in your own home. So what did I do? I went to our mutual friend who no longer works for the WWE, a former NXT talent, and I showed him my phone and had him go through my photos and videos, and recently deleted videos just to prove to you and the other person that was there, who, because I respect him and he has a job. Okay. I’m not gonna put him out there. Okay. I had him prove to you that I was not recording you. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, EC3. Get your sh** together, and if anyone would like to, uh, go to my friends list right now and check out who follows me, cuz I’m not following him. E C three is a follower of mine. I would think I would really think that if you thought that much of me, that you couldn’t trust me, you definitely wouldn’t be following me on social media, on Instagram all these years later, EC3, you’re pathetic. Now control that narrative. You a***ole. How the hell you turn this sh** off?

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