Vickie Guerrero Signs With AEW

Vickie Guerrero Signs With AEW, Talks Issues With WWE: “We Just Had A Lot Of Difference Of Opinions”

Vickie Guerrero has officially signed a deal to join All Elite Wrestling as a contracted performer after appearing on AEW programming the past couple of weeks as the new manager of Nyla Rose.

In an interview with Daily DDT, Vickie revealed that she has just recently signed a new contract with AEW this week, though declined to provide terms of the deal.

Additionally, the former WWE General Manager talked about her experience in AEW as well as her past tenure with WWE.

Featured below are some of the highlights of the new Vickie Guerrero interview.

Signing with AEW

“No hesitation, put it that way. I retired from WWE in 2014. My focus was not to return to them. We just had a lot of just difference of opinions and things going on. If it wasn’t going to be for AEW, I don’t think I would be anywhere else, but when AEW presented that there was some opportunity, I gave 100%, just my whole being. I said, ‘I’m here for you and I can’t wait to be a team player with the company’.”

How she ended up in AEW

“I think it was a lot of mutual friends. I have a lot of great friends that I’ve known from past years, Cody Rhodes, and Dean Malenko, gosh, just me collaborating and being at different appearances. There’s been conversation back and forth. I think with that, we just came to the conclusion that I would love to work at AEW, which I expressed fully. I just, I fell in love with the company and the respect they have for the superstars and the way they run their company was something that attracted me. That’s where I am now. I’m really happy to be there.”

Thoughts on WWE

“With WWE, I’m always grateful for the opportunity they gave to my late husband, Eddie Guerrero. Then for me too, to start my legacy, so to speak. I’m very grateful for what they gave me back then and just gave me the opportunity to further my career. I’ll always grateful for that. No, just Vince McMahon was very good to Eddie and I. Eddie thought of him as a dad. He was very good to me and took great care of me when Eddie passed away. I think my focus with WWE was to do the best I could for him. I did that and we left on very good terms.”

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