Shaquille O'Neal - Big Show Staredown

Video: Big Show Addresses Shaq Match Not Coming To Fruition: “I Don’t Care”

WWE Superstar Big Show was among the guests on media row promoting the various WrestleMania 33 and WrestleMania-related events this weekend.

While available for interviews, the longtime WWE veteran spoke with Brian Fritz of and shared his thoughts on his year-long-hyped match with NBA legend and pop culture personality Shaquille O’Neal not taking place at tonight’s show as WWE had originally hoped.

“I don’t care,” said Big Show. “I could give two flying pigs less, I don’t care. I’ve been doing this 22 almost 23 years. I’ve worked with many different people outside of the business. I also understand that people outside of the business have different requirements, different obligations, whatever it is.”

Big Show continued, “All I know is what I need for my business and what I’m doing, and if I need this, this and this as far as dates to make something happen, if that can’t happen then fine I’ll roll on and do something else.”

“This show goes on five days a week for me,” said Big Show. “This doesn’t make any difference. I’ll roll on and find something else.”

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