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Video: DDP Talks About Early Criticism Ronda Rousey Has Received In WWE

In what has become somewhat of a regular occurence, WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with TMZ Sports about Ronda Rousey’s progress so far in WWE.

According to DDP, the criticism that “Rowdy” Ronda is receiving this early into her WWE run is not warranted.

“Give the girl a break man, she’s going to be great,” Page said. “She’s a great athlete, she brings a lot to the sport and so much attention to the WWE. She’s the biggest star – as far as an athlete – in the world.”

Page went on to share a story about his own career to explain how it often times takes time for a wrestler to find their comfort zone with their character.

“It’s a lot of pressure going in, but that girl thrives on pressure. … I believe in her and she’s definitely going to put the work in,” Page said. “I used to say Page Joseph Falkinburg – which is my given name – when Page Joseph Falkinburg stopped trying to be this over the top professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, and Diamond Dallas Page became Page Joseph Falkinburg that’s when my career took off. And Ronda will find that because she’s one of the baddest women on the planet and she’ll find it.”

Check out the complete Diamond Dallas Page interview above.

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