Enzo Amore Kicked Off Airplane In New York

Video: Enzo Amore Kicked Off Airplane In New York For Vaping

Enzo Amore is back in the headlines for another controversial incident.

The former WWE Superstar turned independent wrestler / aspiring hip-hop artist now known as Real1 was kicked off a Delta airlines flight at JFK International Airport in New York on Thursday.

Video footage of Amore being kicked off the airplane immediately after the vaping incident, which according to Pro Wrestling Sheet saw Amore ignore instructions and warnings from the flight crew. As a result, the flight was reportedly turned around and Amore was kicked off the airplane.

TMZ spoke with a Delta airlines representative who offered the following statement on the matter:

“A customer was removed from Delta flight 747 operating from New York to Los Angeles for not following crew instructions. The flight returned to the gate at John F. Kennedy International Airport where the customer deplaned without further incident.”

Check out video footage of Enzo Amore being kicked off the airplane following the vaping incident below.

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