Video: Goldberg Speaks On Brock Lesnar & Returning On ESPN

Former WWE and WCW Champion Bill Goldberg was on ESPN SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman this week in a promotional interview for WWE 2K17.

Goldberg revealed that he hasn’t spoken with Vince McMahon since he left the business back in 2003, but expects to soon. Goldberg mentioned that his favorite thing about his WWE run was being like a superhero to kids, and would like to perform for his son who is now 10-years-old. As far as returning goes, Goldberg says that he doesn’t know if he can pull off a match at his age. On the other hand, he says his son hasn’t seen him wrestle and he could introduce himself to a new generation of fans. Goldberg says the possibility of tarnishing his legacy is holding him back from stepping back in the ring.

Goldberg says if he does return, he already knows who he wants to face: Brock Lesnar.

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