Jim Cornette sounds off on Table For 3

Video: Jim Cornette Explains What He Feels Is Key Issue With Modern Wrestling

As noted, longtime creative figures in the wrestling business — Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette and Michael “P.S.” Hayes — were the guests on the latest episode of the “Table For 3” series on the WWE Network.

Among other topics, during the episode, Cornette spoke about the changes in the wrestling industry from the past to where it is today. As “Corny” explains, the business used to be about presenting a believable conflict between two characters or personalities that fans buy into as legitimate, whereas today things seem to be more of a physical stunt show.

“I think the problem becomes they think they’re going to do the moves and that’s going to get them over, and they put the ‘cart before the horse,’ said Cornettte. “Now it’s hard for anybody to really work up a good dislike for the heel or hero worship and idolatry for the babyface.”

Cornette continued, “I’m really the only person that can actually piss people off pretty naturally and instantly to where they really hate me.”

Check out the full episode of “Table For 3,” dubbed “Creative Committee,” by signing up for the WWE Network today.


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