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Video: Ken Shamrock Says He Could Have Prevented Kim Kardashian Armed-Robbery

UFC Hall Of Famer and recent Bellator MMA fighter Ken Shamrock claimed that if he had been on the scene, Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have been robbed while in France this past weekend.

“The World’s Most Dangerous Man” spoke with celebrity-gossip website (see below) this week and explained why he had been involved, the two thieves disguised as police officers wouldn’t of had the chance to get close to the celebrity and wife of Kanye West, let alone been able to hold her at gun point while robbing a reported $10 million worth of jewelry.

“I think that there were a lot of mistakes made,” said Shamrock. “When you have that many people that are very popular, and they are traveling — and they only have one guy that they brought with them, to stay with them for 24 hours and then they split up — well, someone is going to have to be left alone. In that situation I think it’s a huge mistake.’

Shamrock continued, “You have to look at the whole picture, too, how much was this an error by security or the celebrities themselves? I don’t think that you can blame anybody, I just think that mistakes were made. I wouldn’t say, ‘yes,’ right away [if Kim Kardashian asked for his help]. I have to make sure I get to know who I am working with and that we have an understanding.”

Speaking of getting to know the people he is working with, Shamrock is no stranger to the bodyguard business, as he has served as security detail for the likes of hip-hop artist and actor 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson).

“They have to be able to work with me — they can’t tell me how to work something when I’m on the job,” Shamrock said of his process. “That’s why I won’t do a whole lot of personal security because I can’t get the job done unless they allow me to do it. But, if I was there, I would not have left the hotel — I would have been in the lobby or somewhere in the hallway. And if the confrontation ever happened, they would have never gotten in the room.”

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