Kofi Kingston's miraculous save in the 2017 Royal Rumble match

Video: Kofi Kingston Pulls Off Another Crazy Save In Royal Rumble Match

Every year it’s something!

WWE veteran Kofi Kingston has gained a much-deserved reputation over the years as one of the best all-time performers in WWE’s annual 30-man over-the-top Royal Rumble match. In the 30th annual installment of the traditional gimmick match, Kingston again had another “Royal Rumble moment.”

Featured above courtesy of WWE’s official YouTube channel is the latest “miraculous save” from Kingston. As seen in the footage above, Kingston was standing on the top-rope when Baron Corbin tried to push him backwards to eliminate him from the match. Instead, Kingston, who fell directly behind the ring post, grabbed on to the top of it and managed to hang on.

Kingston would go on to eliminate Corbin, the man who nearly threw him backwards off the top rope before the slick-save. Kingston would go on to be eliminated in the match, which was ultimately won by “The Viper” Randy Orton.

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